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"I enjoy learning new things about health, the functioning of the lymphatic system, and the influence of hormones on our well-being. For our products, I always conduct research, and sometimes books and publications take me far beyond what is necessary. This section is dedicated to interesting articles that I write myself and simply share with you.
After all, with knowledge, we have the power to achieve a lot."

Victoria Kolesnikova
Founder, author of the articles
  • What is the lymphatic system for and why do we need it?
    Explaining briefly what the lymphatic system is and why our bodies need it.
  • Say thank you and become a little happier
    Let's talk about the benefits of gratitude and why we should say "thank you" to each other.
  • Mental walk in a scientific way. How 20 minutes of your time can help you cope with stress.
    We will discuss a study that found the nature's impact on the hormone cortisol in your body and what you need to do to feel calmer.
  • The very beginning
    The first article about everything a little bit. We tell you about the fundamentals on which LEAV is built, how the name of the brand appeared and what to expect from this section of the site.