The first article about everything a little bit. We tell you about the fundamentals on which LEAV is built, how the name of the brand appeared and what to expect from this section of the site.

The very beginning

Before we start

Hi! On the other side of the screen are us, Victoria and Dmitry, the co-founders of LEAV.
We can't even believe that someone is reading this message, but the warmth and love is flooding our hearts. But today we want to focus on something else. In this very first article we want to pay attention to the origins of our idea and what LEAV is all about.
A couple of words about LEAV

We sincerely believe that in order to be healthy and happy we need a holistic approach to our health. So for us we decided to dedicate ourselves to helping others achieve harmony with themselves through our products, giving priority to several big parts at once:
  • Formulas. No useless ingredients for the sake of increasing the price and adding a name to the ingredient list. It is important to us that each ingredient is selected to achieve desired results.
  • Natural raw materials. All the ingredients we use are natural. No artificial materials or dyes. We believe in nature, which provides many benefits and long-lasting results.
  • Ecology. We are passionate about nature and care about the environment. That's why we couldn't create LEAV without taking the sustainability impact into account, and we make all of our products with care for the nature.
There is a dedicated section about our values, so if you're interested in learning more about us and our vision and mission, this is the place to go.
About name

We created the name LEAV [liːv] for our brand, thus trying to combine several words at once, such as "to Live", "a Leaf” and "Love". In our mind there was an immediate connection between these words, and that' s how LEAV was born. So now you also know this story :)

Here, in the blog section, we will share helpful articles about wellness and talk about the nuances of our business in more detail. But for those who like to get information as briefly as possible, we have Instagram. Sign up, you'll be most welcome!

We are very excited about our journey ahead and we know that this is only the beginning. Thank you for devoting your time to this message and, remember, that self-care is a priority.

Raising a cup with delicious herbal tea to you.

With love, Victoria and Dmitry
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