Your body is your closest friend. All the features and imperfections, skin color and glow, physique and shape – these are all the elements that make everyone unique, and what nature has created us to be. But in the pursuit of beautiful skin and shape, we may lose our balance, we focus on the outside and don't notice what's going on inside our body.

We create our products so that you can find or improve this balance and harmony with your body. We want self-care to become the most pleasant routine. Because each and everyone deserves to be beautiful and healthy - inside and out.
Our Big Idea
Since the very beginning of LEAV our mission has been to provide people with high-quality self-care products that will give positive results while having no negative impact on the environment.
Our aim is to create the most transparent and honest company while ensuring the highest quality. We want to cultivate a brand that reflects the values of clean, ethical, inclusive beauty and self-care. LEAV is our vision of what a start-up should look like in the 21st century.
We support the concept of sustainable development. From our perspective, sustainable development is not only about long-term outlook, but also about creating products that meet everyday life requirements.

With love, Victoria and Dmitry
01/ We prefer quality over quantity
02/ We believe a product should be made as for ourselves
03/ We believe in doing well, whatever it it is
04/ It is important for us that any contact with the brand brings you maximum positive feelings
05/ We're not willing to accept indifference in our work
06/ We are against activities without a positive long-term perspective
Our work and life values
LEAV is a self-care brand, the essence of which is love for yourself, your body and nature. This is a philosophy, a certain vision of life and the world that we reflect through our products.
— is the embodiment of life in nature, it is a combination of the words “to Live” and “a Leaf”. All our products were created by nature, and they are pieces of its art. We were inspired by nature itself — its ability to create, heal and transform each of us. This is how our brand name was born.
LEAV® [liːv]
It’s not just a brand to us, but human communication, creation and unity around common values. We select our team members carefully, it is crucial for us to be on the same page with the people we work with.
Inclusivity: our products are for everyone

It does not matter what race, gender, age they are or physical shape they are in. What matters is the desire to take care of yourself, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Our products are for those who see beauty in details, who want to be in harmony with themselves and their bodies and choose natural ingredients.
We create each product as for ourselves

We are in love with what we do. And all of our products are made with love for self-care. Each of them is unique, each and every ingredient has been carefully selected by us. We know where they grow and how they are produced. That's why we not only thoroughly test our products, but also use them ourselves every day.
We believe in the power of nature and do not use artificial ingredients

No synthetics or dangerous toxins. Only what comes from the earth - plants, minerals and elements. We use natural plant-based ingredients in every product. When it comes to product packaging, we consider the material safety, ingredient compatibility, carbon footprint, recyclability and overall environmental impact. Reducing waste at all levels of production has always been and will always be one of our top priorities.

Brand values

We pay attention to the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems of the body, which is often unfairly ignored. Its main functions are to cleanse and protect the body. Our products help accelerate lymph flow. As a result, they help get rid of edema, eliminate toxins, and improve skin quality. Beauty comes from within.
Transparency and honesty

We are always open to conversation and are happy to share all the details about the contents of our products, the origin of the ingredients and the function of each of them. All descriptions are as detailed as possible, nothing is missed - because we have nothing to hide. We advocate honesty in our approach and transparency in our actions.