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The art of ➝ Citrus Essential oils
Composition of Citrus Essential Oils

/ Key Benefits /
Stabilize the nervous system and have an antimicrobial effect. And they smell wonderful.

/ P.S. /
They are not not at the top of the ingredient list in terms of quantity, but nevertheless they mean a lot to us. They are obtained by steam distillation — in other words, these are real essential oils, not useless synthetic ones.
The art of ➝ Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba Extract

/ Key Benefits /
Antioxidants. That's enough said. They help protect against free radicals - the molecules that formed the basis of one of the theories of aging. As a bonus, it strengthens blood vessels and improves lymph circulation.

/ P.S. /
The Japanese call Ginkgo "duck foot" because of the specific shape of the leaves.
The art of ➝ Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola Extract

/ Key Benefits /
Improves blood circulation, due to which it fights swelling and promotes tissue healing. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen in collaboration with Jojoba to make your skin even firmer.

/ P.S. /
Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat literally everything.
The art of ➝ Grape Seed
Grape Seed Extract

/ Key Benefits /
Our super-hero for protecting the skin from external stresses, helping to make it soft and firm.

/ P.S. /
This extract is special. Without going into technical terms, let us say one thing — its processing is carried out without heating, which allows you to preserve all the benefits.
The art of ➝ Jojoba
Jojoba Oil

/ Key Benefits /
Nourishes, hydrates, firms and rejuvenates all at once, since ancient Egypt. The composition is replete with vitamins and even collagen-like amino acids, which explains such versatility.

/ P.S. /
It was cold pressed, which retained all the advantages and rich golden color.
The art of ➝ Macadamia
Macadamia Oil

/ Key Benefits /
Super moisturizer. Helps dry skin to retain water, promotes recovery and healing. It can even slightly accelerate the blood flow in the capillaries, thus alienating us from the concept of "cellulite".

/ P.S. /
Special metal "keys" are used to peel macadamia from the shell. We managed to find the key to each nut.
The art of ➝ Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond Oil

/ Key Benefits /
Softens and protects the skin - not only due to fatty acids, but also due to mineral salts and vitamins.

/ P.S. /
Even Deadpool would envy such cell regeneration after applying the oil. But your skin is beautiful, after all.
The art of ➝ Tocopheryl
Vitamin E

/ Key Benefits /
This is a fat-soluble formula of Vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant qualities.

/ P.S. /
It prevents oxidation of oils, which makes it an unquestionable natural assistant in preserving all the mentioned benefits.