Explaining briefly what the lymphatic system is and why our bodies need it.

What is the lymphatic system for and why do we need it?

Every plant blooms because of the nutrient-rich soil in which it is born. We enjoy the smell and beauty of a flower when the real glory belongs to its roots.
There is a similar unseen system within us that constantly works under the surface of our skin and is connected to every inch of our body to help us be healthy and glowing on the outside. We' re talking about the lymphatic system.
Every cell in our body is literally bathed in lymphatic fluid. It acts as a waste collector, moving immune cells around your body to eliminate anything that threatens your well-being. This makes lymph an important factor in your defense against disease.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for balancing body fluids, properly digesting food, and eliminating body waste and toxins. It is also responsible for giving your skin a healthy glow and a healthy look.
To better understand why we need the lymphatic system, let's start with the basics

Your body has two circulatory systems, one of which consists of your heart and blood vessels. Your heart is at the center of this system, and its network distributes blood throughout your body. Blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Arteries carry blood away from your heart and veins carry it back in a continuous cycle through your cells, removing carbon dioxide and delivering vital nutrients that keep you alive and regulate your body temperature.

While the lymphatic system is considered your "second" circulatory system, it is your body's cleaning and recirculating system.
It can be called a filter that cleans and removes excess waste from your body. The lymphatic system is about twice the size of the cardiovascular system, but it does not have a central pump, like the heart, to move fluid. Lymph only flows in one direction: toward your heart. Because it is not driven by a main pump, its flow depends on the pulsation of nearby arteries, skeletal muscle contractions, and breathing.

This is why self-massage, breathing exercises and exercise are invaluable for good lymphatic health and overall health.

Your lymphatic system plays a number of crucial roles in your body:

1. It maintains fluid levels in our body. The lymphatic system has a drainage function and removes excess tissue (interstitial) fluid from your organs
2. It assists the digestive system by taking fats and some other substances absorbed from the digestive tract. Lymph transports them into the bloodstream.
3. It protects the body from infections. It is an important part of the immune system, producing white blood cells that can destroy harmful pathogens (including fungi, viruses, bacteria, and others).
4. It detoxifies your entire body, which means it transports and removes cellular waste products.

And don't forget that self-care is a priority.

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